Mermaid Salt Vodka miniature 40% 5cl
Mermaid Salt Vodka miniature 40% 5cl

Isle of Wight Distillery

Mermaid Salt Vodka miniature 40% 5cl

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    You've probably seen the distinctive Mermaid Gin and Mermaid Pink Gin in various places. It's certainly an eye-catching bottle, but it's the Salt Vodka that absolutely blows me away. Wight Salt is a small business hand harvesting salt from the South coast of the Isle of Wight, where the sea is rougher and churns up more of the ocean bed, in turns resulting in more nutrients contained within the subsequent sea salt crystals.

    The Isle of Wight Distillery add some Wight Salt to their grain-based Vodka distillation, which gives a distinctive yet subtle salty tang to their spirit.On the nose it's delicate, as though you're walking towards the coast but not yet hit the beach. The salt hits the tip of the tongue straight away, and there's a crispness to the finish which leaves a lovely mouthfeel.

    Honestly, this is SUCH an underrated vodka - it's perfect for a Dirty Martini (a Martini with olive brine which partners brilliantly with the salt in the vodka) but if you're a fan of an Espresso Martini this takes one to a whole new level - that salty edge counters a bitter coffee like a dream!
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