Passport Scotch 1L bottled 1980s 40% 1000cl
Passport Scotch 1L bottled 1980s 40% 1000cl
Passport Scotch 1L bottled 1980s 40% 1000cl
Passport Scotch 1L bottled 1980s 40% 1000cl

Passport Scotch

Passport Scotch 1L bottled 1980s 40% 1000cl

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    It's very hard to find Passport Scotch in the UK these days, as it's made by Chivas Brothers to be exported to Europe and South America - the brand is the 2nd biggest selling Scotch whisky in Brazil, believe it or not. I happen to believe this particular bottle was purchased from an airport in Spain, knowing the person I bought it from myself.

    The blend of malt and grain uses a considerable proportion of Glen Keith whiskies, along with some Lowland spirit which results in a blend that's on the lighter side, with a mellow softness. I've had Passport Scotch recently and found it eminently drinkable and a fine whisky to use for a good highball, but I can't say for sure if there is a marked increase in flavour from older bottlings - although that does seem to be the case with many blended Scotch whiskies...

    Sadly there is some damage on the front label - a creasing just underneath 'Scotch' and a chunk missing from the middle banner. But the seal is perfect and the fill level is high, so I'm confident the quality will be spot on.

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