Portobello Road Navy Strength Gin 57.1% 50cl
Portobello Road Navy Strength Gin 57.1% 50cl

Portobello Road

Portobello Road Navy Strength Gin 57.1% 50cl

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    What does 'Navy Strength' mean? Back in the days of naval officers and crew being giving a tot of a spirit every day to literally keep their spirits up, officers were able to prove the liquid had a high alcohol content by soaking gunpowder in it, then trying to set it alight. The point at which a liquid will still set gunpowder alight is 57% ABV - otherwise known as 100 Proof in the UK. It was also helpful during battle - barrels of the spirit of choice (gin, rum, brandy etc) would be stored in the same hold as the gunpowder. If for whatever reason the barrels of spirit were to leak and soak into the gunpoweder, it could still fire cannons if required. Although of course, it would still be a considerable fire hazard!

    Portobello Road wanted to pay homage to this naval history in the flavour profile of their Navy Strength Gin, and so added a small amount of sea salt to the mix, which imparts a subtle salinity which hits the tip of the tongue on first sip. Yes, the alcohol content is high and so this dominates the palate overall, but there is still a good amount of spiciness even when drunk neat. Open it out with a good tonic or soda water, and you get the full array of juniper-forward notes. The salty edge works brilliantly in Martinis too!

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