Starward Left-Field Single Malt Whisky 40% 70cl
Starward Left-Field Single Malt Whisky 40% 70cl


Starward Left-Field Single Malt Whisky 40% 70cl

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    The Starward Distillery in based in Melbourne, founded by David Vitale in 2007. David comes from an Italian family who are food obsessed - he himself was a big fan of craft beer and considered setting up a brewery but it was a visit to the Lark Distillery in Tasmania that made him realise a lot of the techniques pf brewing and distilling were very similar, but spirits could travel further.

    He names the distillery Starward as whisky as a whole aims for the stars. Very romantic!

    Thanks to the success of early bottlings, in 2016 the business moved to a purpose-built distillery in the Dockland’s Precinct, which doubled production. Most of the whisky stock is around 3 years old. The temperature and climate around Melbourne fluctuates wildly – even in a single day – so long aging is almost impossible. There is also a heavy emphasis on wine casks – Austrailian wine is massively popular around the world and a decision was made to take advantage of this.

    Starward are absolutely not trying to be Scotch. David has previously talked about Starward being for ‘the dinner table’ or the BBQ as opposed to on its own afterwards. They're big on cocktails too, so don't be afraid to experiment with mixing this tasty whisky.

    I previously listed Two-Fold in the shop - a 'Double Grain' whisky made from 40% barley and 60% wheat. Left-Field on the other hand is 100% barley (and also one of the greatest dance acts of all time). As with Two-Fold maturation takes place in ex-Australian red wine barrels which imparts a delicious red berry note throughout the whisky, along with just a hint of tannin. The spirit is young, but that results in a youthful vibrancy that works really well with the wine influence.

    This is not a whisky to be savoured next to log fire in the depths of winter, cogitating over a good book. This is to be drunk with good food and good company and if you want to add a mixer, go right ahead, it'll work just as well with soda, tonic or in an Oz Fashioned as it will in a glass on its own.

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